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The main objective of the EPIC Foundation will be the management of various projects and initiatives aimed at assisting victims of rape and abuse, which will include women in shelters. Other ad hoc projects will also be undertaken to help people in crisis and support other charities.
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Survivors Stories

Some inspiring stories by survivors:

Monica's Story

I believe in being open and honest and not staying quiet about what happens in life. I am sharing my story to encourage people to seek professional help when life gets out of control and you don’t know how to handle a situation...read more

Dalsy's Story

I was raped by a stranger at the age of 14. Twenty three years ago my life changed. What started off as a fun occasion turned into the biggest nightmare...read more

Karen's Story

This is a story of rape, yet not of rape but of justice, survival and persistence.....read more

June's Story

You cannot run or hide. You cannot relocate or try a new relationship. Not until you realise that what you searching for, what you running from or running too, is not a place or a person, but the demons inside of you that you have not met yet, that you have not made peace with yet....read more

Mantwa's Story

I am the first born child in a family of three. I have a younger brother and sister and we are surviving by our lovely mother after the passing of my dad. I am a graduate in Bachelor of Commerce in Economics. Ultimately I am a driven, well mannered, very ambitious individual who under any hindering circumstances is eager to succeed...read more

Priscilla's Story

I was born in the Eighties to a single mom who had me at a young age and therefore, basically, gave me to her parents to raise. I was sent to boarding school from Grade 1, with my primary school years being spent at a strict Catholic convent run by tyrannical German nuns. I looked forward to school holidays, when I could go home and spend time with my family and, hopefully, catch a glimpse of my elusive, glamorous mother...read more

Survivors Peotry

A poem written by a survivor:

I lost my innocence today…
Not because I wanted to
But because I was forced to
Because some bastards felt obliged to take it away…

I lost my innocence today…
I lost my nerve today…
I lost my pride today…
I lost my spirit today…
I lost my dignity today…
I lost…

I lost my innocence today…
It hurt me to my soul
And the pain
It’s there…
A constant reminder of what I used to be…

I lost my innocence today
I also lost a lot of blood today
It ran down my legs like water gushing out of a faucet
And no matter how hard I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed….
He refused to go away
It stained my virgin thighs like the tears staining my cheeks as I speak…

But they only took my virginity
When I lost my innocence that day
They only took my virginity
On that fateful day
They only raped my body but
They couldn’t take my soul away

Cos today…
Today here I stand
Tall and proud
Not meek and mild…
Only physical scars remain
And there is no shame…
I can hold my head up high today…

They didn’t take my soul away

I’m not so innocent today
I’m not that innocent today
Cos I lost my innocence

They didn’t take my soul away!
They didn’t take my soul away!
They didn’t take her soul away…

Hers is a story beyond comprehension
It cannot be measured
It leaves a taste of the blood that she shed in my mouth…
And yet she carries her grace so eloquently
Through words that pour from her spirit
Through that pen
And onto that paper…

In salutation of the fact that hers is a spirit
That no amount of wicked, serpent-like evil
Can ever come to touch…
She is she…
Strength defined
And so proud!
That only God’s grace can deliver
Her soul…
Shines through…
And I…
Am humbled…

By: Zin©

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